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Level up your data and drill down into trade spend

March 24, 2022 Article 6 min read
Joe Puglia Ashley Eaton

Are you continuing to spend on trade promotion management without seeing a proportional revenue increase? Learn how to digitize and optimize your TPM efforts to drive increased revenue and higher margins.

View of an aisle of food packages in a grocery store.Consumer packed goods (CPG) clients are spending more on trade promotion management (TPM) but aren’t seeing revenue increase proportionally. In a recent Food Industry Executive article, our experts Joe Puglia and Ashley Eaton discuss how CPG companies can drive increased revenue and higher margins by digitizing TPM efforts using Industry 4.0 tools and technologies. TPM automation saves labor, and the ability to analyze enterprise data leads to deeper business insights that can be leveraged to set the stage for negotiations with retailers. The article also highlights five steps to create a successful TPM modernization program.

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