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What’s the difference between status quo and best in class? Data — with a purpose. Any business leader can pay for buckets of data, but to succeed and differentiate yourself, you need data that drives insights — insights that afford growth and competitive intelligence.

As experts in the plastics industry with decades of experience, we know enough to offer you more than conjecture. We provide valuable market insights, backed by our proprietary benchmarking data. For nearly 30 years, we conducted the North American Plastics Industry Study (NAPIS), the most comprehensive benchmarking study of plastics manufacturers in North America. We’ve examined hundreds of financial, sales, operations, and management metrics to identify best practices and define the attributes of top performers in the industry. We can highlight the health of your business with comparative data from more than 200 competing facilities.

We’ll use these insights to help you remain competitive in the plastics industry of the future. The manufacturing world looks radically different from 20 years ago, and you need advanced technologies, vision, and confidence to secure success. We’ll guide you through Industry 4.0 to improve existing processes, increase labor productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs. Our diverse set of services will help you respond to the marketplace of today and prepare you to excel in the years ahead.

    Building a stronger future

    We’re more than just accountants — we’re ready to support your company holistically and position you for success. Our professionals possess a broad range of capabilities, including audit, tax, strategy, cost and margin intelligence, supply chain optimization, global expansion, and investment banking. Our plastics advisors serve more than 200 plastics and allied product clients spanning many sectors, such as automotive, construction, packaging, medical, and consumer goods.

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    Are you getting valuable, actionable ideas from your audit? Our tailored, risk-based audit process will give you peace of mind and insights for improvements.
    In today’s market, only those who can effectively manage demands for innovation will succeed and grow. Are you nimble and able to pivot in response to the market and your customers’ changing needs? What’s your marketplace position? And, how does your business model need to change?
    Seizing new opportunities will require a realistic assessment of your business and its role in tomorrow’s industry. Have you accounted for the varying levels of maturity across global markets? How are you managing the unique and complex differences and the ways in which they impact your strategy and operations?
    Operational efficiency
    Reducing costs, improving performance, and growing your bottom line all point back to sound operations. Do you have the right balance of risk mitigation, flexibility, and the lowest cost from your supply chain?
    Tax planning, structuring, and compliance
    Are you leaving valuable tax savings on the table? Our tax experts know the tax code inside and out and will ensure you’re optimizing your tax position.


    Risk management strategies for growth and innovation

    Smart manufacturing

    Discover four ways smart manufacturing can help you do more with less. Accelerate productivity and profitability today.


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    Client Experience

    Honest advice to move you forward

    Our clients turn to us for a fresh and honest perspective. Our recommendations are future-focused, candid, and always backed by facts. Clients gain foresight and confidence to make the best decisions in every situation. The weight of change doesn’t feel quite as heavy with a trusted advisor in your corner.

    “We combine the insights of our plastics industry benchmarking study with decades of experience serving plastics manufacturers to offer a trusted perspective on growth opportunities and business model risks,” said Damitha Bandara, plastics assurance partner. “We look out for our clients and give them honest, practical counsel.”

    Our clients say

    We are a fairly data-driven metrics-oriented organization and have historically compared our 6 operations against each other internally. Participation in the North American Plastics Industry Survey (NAPIS) has taken benchmarking to the next level giving us a broad, valid comparative universe. Operationally we use the NAPIS data for enhancing the output and efficiency of our assets and goal setting. Commercially we reference the information to test the validity of “target pricing” that is frequently presented to our sales assets. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, NAPIS data has become part of our acquisition toolbox during the initial assessment and operational due diligence phases of the process. Candidly our entire management looks forward to the NAPIS survey.

    Al Ridilla
    President, Enterprise Molded Products Business, Parkway Products Inc.