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Maximize your hospital’s labor efficiency with a productivity benchmark report

September 7, 2022 Assessment 2 min read
Is your hospital meeting key labor productivity benchmarks? Take our brief hospital labor productivity questionnaire and our healthcare experts will compare your organization against industry benchmarks to assess opportunities for efficiency and optimization.
Nurse using a handheld tablet computer.Answer just four brief questions to measure your hospital and health system’s labor strategies against industry benchmarks. Our experts will follow up with a Labor Productivity Viewpoint report that shares insights, including:
  • A five-year labor spend analysis.
  • A potential savings analysis related to your labor compensation ratio.
  • A clinical overview on core hospital operating stats such as bed utilization and average length of stay.
  • Recommendations for productivity and overtime benchmarks.

Take the first step toward maximizing value in your labor operations by answering our questionnaire today.

Take the questionnaire

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