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Plante Moran wins Plex Systems’ 2022 Partner of the Year award

July 18, 2022 In The News 2 min read
Doug Hockenbrocht Monti Piccioni
Plex Systems recognizes Plante Moran as its 2022 Partner of the Year at the annual PowerPlex at ROKLive Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Plante Moran’s Plex ERP consulting team has taken home the Plex Partner of the Year award for the fourth time since the award was created in 2018.

According to Jerry Foster, chief technology officer and co-founder of Plex Systems, “[This award] gives us the ability to recognize our customers and partners, it gives the partners and customers in the ecosystem something to aspire to, and also shows them that we are paying attention to what they are doing and are impressed in how they are helping us grow our business.”

Over our nearly two-decade relationship with Plex, we’ve had the opportunity to serve Plex customers in nearly 20 countries. Plex practice leader Doug Hockenbrocht states, “[Our partnership with Plex] has helped us serve and get to know and build relationships with clients maybe we wouldn't met otherwise, particularly in a lot of different countries in the last couple of years.”

In an interview at the PowerPlex at ROKLive Conference in June 2022, Foster shared the reason behind why Plante Moran was given the prestigious award from Plex Sytems. “We feel they went above and beyond of what’s exemplified and in what we look for in a premier partner. There were three things in particular this year that accosted us to give them the award. The first one is they really aligned with us and our goals, and we were invested in each other’s success. Plante Moran took some risks in their work this year, and it paid off. The second thing is they were a huge influence in driving to completion a couple of big sales for Plex. They were really integral in making that happen and even helped us exceed our sales goals for the year. The third thing was, they actually reached out on their own and put some resources in place in the Asia-Pacific region to help Plex customers implement and do their thing in China. They took a risk and put their boots in the ground there to help us implement our customers in the Asia-Pacific region,” commented Foster.

We feel they went above and beyond of what’s exemplified and in what we look for in a premier partner.

Doug and fellow Plex practice leader, Monti Piccioni, accepted this award among other members of the Plex ERP consulting team on stage at the PowerPlex at ROKLive Conference in June 2022. Hockenbrocht said, “We are honored to receive that award, and it’s really a tribute to our team, but certainly a tribute to our mutual clients and customers.”

To hear more from Jerry Foster and Doug Hockenbrocht about the partnership between Plex Systems and Plante Moran, check out their full interview here.

About Plex Systems and Rockwell Automation

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