Professional photo of Brian Wang.

I grew up in a remote village far from modern conveniences like TV and the internet, and I had to walk five miles to school each day. Despite these challenges, I became the first in my hometown to attend university.
Brian Wang


As the China office leader of our accounting, tax, and compliance services, I consistently serve as our clients’ primary resource for matters related to China’s accounting and taxation compliance. I specialize in the manufacturing and distribution fields. International auto parts manufacturers are the majority of my client base.

Having worked in the China finance and tax field for 20 years — I joined the Shanghai office in 2016 — colleagues know me for my subject matter expertise and in-depth understanding of accounting and tax processes and systems in China. This positions me as the dedicated point of contact for our U.S. teams, serving as their “concierge desk” in China. This role exemplifies our commitment to a 24-hour global service team capable of accommodating different time zones seamlessly. Each project I’ve been involved in has been executed within the anticipated time frame, frequently surpassing clients’ expectations.

I have more than two decades in the field of China accounting and taxation. My most significant achievement lies in consistently delivering high-quality work that both clients and our teams can rely on. This commitment has not only garnered the trust of numerous clients but has also paved the way for expanding our service offerings.

I graduated from Hunan University of Finance and Economics and Bai Hang University, where I obtained degrees in accounting and audit. I hold the professional title of China-based accountant.

In my spare time, I have a passion for reading, hitting the gym, and sports. Tennis holds a special place in my heart, and I’m an ardent admirer of tennis players, from legends like Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi, and Pete Sampras to contemporary greats like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams. Serena, in particular, has won my admiration for her indomitable sportsmanship and unparalleled achievements, which serve as a profound source of inspiration.

I get great pleasure from reading suspense novels, relishing the process of unraveling the truth step by step and the ultimate satisfaction of deducing the ending. I find solace working out at the gym; it contributes to my health but also enhances my professional performance.