Photo of Christa Labrosse

Initially, I might come across as quiet and reserved, but once people get to know me, I’m quite the opposite. This is probably because I’m one of five kids, and 37 cousins, so I had to be able to get attention somehow.
Christa LaBrosse


I’m a partner with our professional standards team where I oversee technical needs for the business services and consumer goods industries.

I assist staff, partners, and clients in addressing challenging accounting or auditing issues. I also oversee the implementation efforts of new accounting pronouncements, such as the upcoming revenue recognition standard. I have expertise in a variety of areas, including revenue recognition, stock options and equity, audits, SOC examinations, and attest engagements.

Clients see me as a trusted technical resource. Given my penchant for solving problems, the analytical nature of my work lets me help clients and team members alike, and I’m known for timely resolutions to challenges that arise on audit engagements. I’m passionate about developing staff, and I love opportunities to share my expertise. In 2013, I was part of the inaugural team to open the Detroit office. I like to think I was chosen because of my continual efforts to educate staff and clients.

I speak to a variety of different organizations throughout the year on technical topics. With firsthand knowledge of developments in the profession, I try to provide clients and interested parties with interpretations and explanatory material on new professional pronouncements. I’m a member of the AICPA and I received my B.S. in accounting from Wayne State University.

Outside the office, I love going to Michigan’s “thumb” area with my husband and children to enjoy our family cottages. We love camping and exploring throughout the state of Michigan.