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March 1, 2018 White Paper 5 minute read
Revenue recognition for franchisors raises many questions. With implementation just around the corner, franchisors must start preparing and analyzing their contracts now. Our guide can help you identify top considerations and ease the transition.

Image of a female barista holding a clipboard behind the coffee shop counter.Implementation of the new revenue recognition standard may seem far off, but it’s just around the corner. And, the amount of work involved for franchisors to switch to the new framework and the five-step revenue recognition process can take significant time.

The framework in the new standard applies to all contracts with customers. With so much variation in franchisor contracts, each contract will need to be analyzed individually or by portfolio of similar contracts.

What's inside:

Our revenue recognition resource guide for franchisors includes key topics on revenue recognition for franchisors, including considerations such as:

  • Determination of distinct contract obligations
  • Broker fees and franchise fees
  • Incentives to franchisees
  • Area development agreements
  • Advertising funds
  • Extended payment terms and noncash consideration
  • Balance sheet and tax impact
  • Principal vs. agent transactions

Download our Revenue recognition resource guide for franchisors to help your franchise implement the new standard.