Headshot of Stan Hannah

People often think that college football is where I learned mental toughness. Actually, it was middle school when I sparred two individuals at once for 10 minutes while blindfolded to earn my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Stan Hannah
Partner, Ph.D.


As the leader for the talent and organizational development practice, I guide CEOs and human resource leaders as they encounter challenging decisions about the talent of their organizations. I bring an objective voice to conversations that are often gridlocked by subjective information and then put together a plan of action that is informative, efficient, and rigorous. I specialize in organizational analysis, succession management, talent assessments, management team due diligence, 360-degree surveys, and cultural transformation.

Before I started my consulting career, I wanted to become a forensic psychologist. Then, I discovered the Society of Consulting Psychology, and realized the force of psychology in the corporate environment. Today, I apply my investigative, diagnostic skills to organizations.

My clients appreciate that I can disarm the elephant in the room, recognize the gravity of the problem, and keep people engaged so a plausible solution is brought forward without leaving individuals feeling personally attacked.I’ve been at the firm five years, and one of my greatest accomplishments has been serving on the Diversity Council. From speaking to potential interns to working alongside business leaders in the community, I look forward to witnessing the talent and skills of our millennial team members.

I’m often asked to speak about the changing dynamics of the workforce, succession planning, and techniques for evaluating talent. I was appointed by the governor to serve on the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board. I also serve on a committee of the Board at Children’s Hospital of Michigan focused on culture and strategy.

I earned my B.A. in psychology from Michigan State University and my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. I later learned that I was the first African-American male in the program’s 50-year history to successfully complete the doctoral requirements.

I love visiting new restaurants with my wife then watching her recreate the dish at home. I love cycling, especially with my kids as we ride to get ice cream and Slurpees®.