I’ve dreamed of being a professional race car driver and have even attended the performance driving school at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course — where I was the fastest in the class.
Yuzo Suzuki


I primarily work with Japanese-owned businesses operating in the United States, many of whom are automotive component suppliers. I help with the entire spectrum of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. From assessment, selection, and implementation to evaluation, optimization, and continuous improvement.My clients appreciate that I not only counsel them on ERP systems, but I also bring my experience and knowledge of the best practices in the automotive component manufacturing space. This career is a great fit for me as it allows me to leverage my manufacturing experience and to make continued contributions to the Japanese automotive supply chain, a group I’ve always been happy to see grow and improve. In the time I’ve been with the firm — more than 12 years — my greatest accomplishment is the various client personnel who have gained knowledge, and were trained and enabled to make significant improvements in their manufacturing operations, through the successful implementation of their ERP systems.

From time to time, I speak at seminars sponsored by industry associations, such as OESA, software vendors, and automotive OEMs. I graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

I spend my free time watching motor racing, playing golf, and listening to music. My buddies know me as the Formula One enthusiast.