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Plante Moran

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Energy solutions for today and beyond

The opportunities for energy companies are vast, but so are the risks. Meeting the income tax, financial advisory, assurance, and compliance needs of your investors and management teams requires a business partner with specialized industry knowledge, comprehensive services, and a deep understanding of your business model. Let our energy-focused tax, audit, and consulting experts help.

Whether your focus is oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, or power and utilities, we’re always looking ahead to help you prioritize your needs, anticipate your opportunities, and navigate your challenges. We serve more than 500 energy companies, helping them solve complex issues, formulate strategies, and prepare for change. Our team is your team, adding bench strength, scalable resources, and agility in an ever-evolving industry.

Energy Thought Leadership

  • Leverage business analytics for greater margin intelligence

    Business analytics help you invest in the right products, target the right customers, and optimize your organization. Gain new insight into operations and profitability to improve your cost system and reach your business goals. We lay out the journey.

    Eric Obrecht Stewart Zellars
    Article March 29, 2021 7 min read
    Businessperson using a marker on a clear glass writing wall.
  • IRS issues guidance on bypassing SALT limitation on pass-throughs

    The IRS issued guidance allowing individual owners of pass-through entities, such as partnerships and S corporations, to deduct an unlimited amount of certain taxes on income earned from pass-through entities that would otherwise be limited to $10,000.

    Ron Cook Curtis Ruppal Dave DeCew
    Article March 26, 2021 4 min read
    Businessperson sitting at their desk smiling using a two-in-one computer/device.
  • Could the sale of your business trigger “golden parachute” penalties?

    Internal Revenue Code Section 280G was intended to penalize excessive payouts to executives in certain M&A transactions. However, it can create traps for the unwary in more common corporate succession plans. Here’s what you need to know.

    Preston Ridinger Bryan El-Ary
    Article March 25, 2021 5 min read
    Businessperson having a cup of coffee while viewing their monitor screen.
  • Employee retention credit FAQs clarify employer eligibility

    Many employers have questions about how the employee retention credit applies to their businesses, particularly after new legislation expanded the credit. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions we received during our recent webinar, along with our answers.

    Stephen Eckert Amy Forester Alan Gallatin Ginger Powell
    Article March 22, 2021 7 min read
    Businessman in casual clothes working at home using a desktop computer.

Expertise with an eye on the future

Our experts are action-oriented and dedicated to helping you solve today’s puzzles, while keeping you up to date with future challenges and opportunities for growth. Our specialized knowledge doesn’t end with your industry; our energy team is also trained on your specific business model, including private-equity-backed, publically traded, or closely held companies.

In the words of Judy Cain, energy practice leader, “I’m proud of the firm’s dedication to the energy industry. Our participation in leading-edge deal structures has helped shape transactions across a variety of energy industry segments, and our expertise is proven when you look at the types of clients we’ve had the good fortune to work with. Serving these clients requires a team of experts specifically trained to deliver the services needed by the leaders in the energy sector. Our know-how and customized client service model are our differentiators.”

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