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We understand banks, both community banks and regional banks. Our team has extensive experience and technical expertise in the banking industry, enabling us to tailor our approach and solutions to your distinct needs, even as they change over time. From internal audit, loan review, and trust audit services to regulatory compliance, technology audit, and other risk management services, we’re prepared to help you address any challenge—and leverage any opportunity.

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How changing regulations affect financial institutions

How changing regulations affect your bank image
2 min read
Navigating the road to the new CECL standard
Since the new accounting standard for current expected credit losses (CECL) was released in June 2016, many community institutions have started planning for the new methodology. Haven't made much headway? It's not too late. Here's how to start.
Ryan Abdoo
Article November 16, 2017 2 min read
The fright factor of blockchain
Raj Patel
October 20, 2017 3 min read
How to implement CECL using Excel
Ryan Abdoo
Webinar September 27, 2017 61 min watch
CECL adoption: Not as complex as you may think
Ryan Abdoo
Article August 15, 2017 2 min read

CECL guidebook
An introduction to the FASB financial instruments credit loss model

Managing risk

Managing risk: Protecting people and data
8 min read
Turning risk into opportunity: Five questions to ask
Organizations make themselves vulnerable to risk in ways you may not have thought about. Are you vulnerable? Ask yourself these five questions.
Doug Farmer
Article August 28, 2017 8 min read
The fright factor of blockchain
Raj Patel
October 20, 2017 3 min read
Equifax security breach: Preventing a repeat
Raj Patel
Article September 21, 2017 1 min read

Embracing change
2017 community bank advisor

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  • WBA Bank Executives Conference
    We’re looking forward to attending the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) Bank Executives Conference in February.
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Banks Thought Leadership

  • Why community banks should embrace the “three lines of defense”
    Risk management isn’t a one-person job. Gear up your recruiting game, and get others in your organization to help strengthen your defensive line.
    Brady Nitchman
    Article February 02, 2017 3 min read
    Man shuffling papers
  • Borrowers’ balance sheets beware
    FASB guidance on leases will affect every sector of the economy. But for lending institutions, it will require even greater foresight, as your borrowers’ financial statements will look different. Are you ready to modify covenants that affect your clients?
    Curt Hurd
    Article February 02, 2017 1 min read
    aerial view of modern clean desk
  • Fraud: Reporting it to the IRS
    If you’ve been defrauded, there are two steps to bringing the fraudster to justice. First, tell the police. Then, the IRS.
    Michelle McHale-Adams
    Article October 27, 2016 1 min read
    Stones in water
  • Bad debt deductions you can bank on
    Bad debts are an unpleasant fact of life in the banking industry. The Treasury Department has developed two different alternatives to help banks calibrate bad debt deductions.
    Article March 28, 2017 2 min read
    closeup of city road with modern skyscrapers in the background

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Our clients say

Our team met with Plante Moran experts for a one-day training on CECL; the experience was eye-opening. We now see that we can adopt CECL using an Excel-based tool we can develop ourselves. We’re confident about the path ahead and took a big leap toward adoption based on the clarity provided during this training.

Dan Hollowed EVP / Cashier and Chief Financial Officer, Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company

Our Team

We realize that each client is unique. Although our financial services team serves more than 225 community banks and provides risk management services to more than 150 financial institutions, our approach to each engagement is as distinct as the bank we’re serving. As trends, economic factors, and regulations change, we study the data and bring you practical, effective solutions. And although we have a colleague partnering approach, which enables us to draw from the experience of multiple experts, we provide you with one primary contact who coordinates all services and facilitates rapid responses to your inquiries and service needs.