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Costing and Estimating Solutions

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Boost profitability with accurate and timely costing information

To make confident, strategic business decisions in a highly competitive global marketplace, you need a comprehensive understanding of your costs, margins, and customer expectations and profitability. Do you have an accurate measure of your company’s performance? We’ll help you understand where you make money — and where you don’t.

Not every organization is the same, so we’ll tailor our solutions to your specific environment to accurately model material, labor, and overhead costs based on key drivers like yield, productivity, and capacity utilization. Our approach is practical, and our solutions are easily updated to capture and reflect refinements in methods, which keeps your cost and margin information up to date.

Whether you’re a domestic organization or a billion-dollar global company — or if you’re public, private, or private equity-owned — we’ve seen it all. Our experts have a deep understanding of industry trends and issues, and we’ll work with you to improve your costing and margin data to help boost overall profitability.


Productivity & performance

People and process The power behind your business
30 min watch
You tripped a loan covenant. Now what?

Has your organization tripped a loan covenant? View our on-demand webinar to learn more about loan covenants and what to do if you trip them.

Webinar 30 min watch
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Article September 19, 2018 3 min read
The art of SKU rationalization: Getting accurate costing data
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Article April 12, 2019 5 min read
Industry 4.0: Adopt smart technologies for a competitive advantage
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Article January 26, 2018 5 min read

Are you data-rich, but information poor?
Learn how to leverage your data to improve your costing system.

Costing and Estimating Solutions Thought Leadership

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    Does your sales forecast drive downstream decisions? It should. It’s time to leverage technology and get out of the Excel maze for accurate and timely demand planning.

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    Business colleagues in a conference room sharing the four tips to improve sales forecasting on a whiteboard.
  • The art of SKU rationalization: Getting accurate costing data
    Does the burden of hundreds or even thousands of products have you thinking about stock keeping unit (SKU) rationalization? Before you begin, here are five considerations to ensure you’re starting with the most accurate underlying cost information possible.
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    Article April 12, 2019 5 min read
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    Are you preparing your franchise business for succession or a sale? Or, perhaps seeking a partner who can provide additional resources or growth capital? Here’s how to prepare your business for prospective investors. Read more at Franchising World.

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  • Concerned about your company's loan covenant compliance? Your bank is!

    If your business is experiencing financial challenges, you could inadvertently violate a loan covenant, providing your lender with remedies you won’t want it to exercise. Proactively addressing difficulties while the economy is strong could save your business. Here’s how.

    Sandor Jacobson Shawn Dubinsky
    Article January 30, 2019 4 min read
    Two business professionals sitting down and discussing covenant loan compliance.

It’s not what we can do for you — it’s how we do it

Our consultants have walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of developing accurate and timely cost estimates. This firsthand experience, along with our personal approach to each project, means we’ll provide you with actionable solutions, not just a big-picture viewpoint. You can also trust our advice will be independent. Because we don’t sell costing software, we can provide objective, third-party insights to help you succeed.

According to Ken Julien, our costing and estimating leader, a relationship with us can give you confidence and peace of mind. “I value our team’s dedication to each client. We dig in and really get to know their needs and objectives. It’s not just about solving an issue at hand, but making sure we provide practical solutions and arming our clients with the necessary tools for confident, cost-related decision-making that supports their long-term strategic and operational goals.”

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