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Transfer pricing is an increasing area of focus for tax authorities around the globe, with rules enforced in virtually every country. The rules around correctly setting, and defending, arm’s-length intercompany pricing are complex, and many countries require detailed documentation.

With extensive foreign market experience and expertise, we not only help you ensure compliance but also help you plan ahead to minimize risk and optimize your tax position. You can rely on our advisors for fast, accurate assistance with contemporaneous documentation studies, planning analysis, transfer pricing design, advanced pricing agreements, and more.

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Preparing for change: What you need to know about international regulations and transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing Thought Leadership

  • What does BEPS mean for your transfer pricing?
    The highly technical nature of BEPS and its 15 action items can leave your head spinning. Here's our summary of the three key themes — sure to become a fact of life in international tax and transfer pricing.
    Jon Jenni
    Article July 6, 2016 4 min read
    Image of men working in conference room
  • What is the point of transfer pricing documentation?
    Thorough documentation not only supports your business in the event of a tax authority examination; it also can offer valuable insights into your production processes, supply chain, and international operations.
    Jon Jenni
    Article September 23, 2016 3 min read
    woman working on her laptop
  • Getting the most from transfer pricing documentation
    Avoid the "headquarters' view." Transfer pricing documentation should include input from local resources — in each country the business operates.
    Jon Jenni
    Article September 23, 2016 5 min read
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  • Transfer pricing: Failure to plan can be expensive
    If you’re planning to expand across borders, here’s a quick primer on transfer pricing — two words you’ll soon become much more familiar with.
    Jon Jenni
    Article October 27, 2016 1 min read
    staff presenting info to team using technological media
  • Effective tax planning for intellectual property

    Wondering if your intellectual property strategy is beneficial for your company? Join our webinar to ensure you’re maximizing potential value.

    Jon Jenni William W. Henson
    Webinar March 2, 2017 62 min watch
    Image of a person signing a document

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Our Team

Our transfer pricing specialists work closely with you to help you understand and answer difficult questions. We help you clarify transfer pricing requirements, design global transfer pricing policies and architecture, and complete required documentation for the IRS and international tax authorities.

Whether via firm-owned offices in China, India, Japan, and Mexico or our alliance with Praxity, AISBL, the seventh-largest and fastest-growing accounting association in the world, our expert strategists help you see the global picture to minimize double taxation, reduce your global effective tax rate, and align transfer pricing policies with your evolving global supply chain and changing customer needs.