Public service delivery advisory

Technology solutions for permitting, inspection, and licensing

From strategic assessment to planning & implementation advisory services, we’ll help you optimize your community development technology investments.

The administration of land-use planning, environmental regulation, building safety code, and property code enforcement comes with many challenges. As demand for services continues to increase, your staff is tasked with providing responsive, equitable, timely, and efficient service to your community. Transforming and improving your technology will not only drive efficiencies, saving time and money but will also allow you to deliver customer success.

We’ll ensure your processes align with your technology, ultimately allowing your staff to provide the level of service your customers appreciate and expect.

How we can help

Our consultants have been in your shoes and appreciate the capabilities of today’s land management technologies to support decisions. We’ve worked as members of planning commissions, as planning/zoning consultants, and as GIS professionals. We’ll help you:

  • Transform your technology resources. Transforming and improving your technology will drive efficiencies, save you time and money, and allow you to deliver customer success.
  • Harness proven best practices. New or improved technology isn’t the end-all solution. We’ll help you apply best practices to your processes for sustained, continuous improvement.
  • Enhance security. The implementation of new technologies can lead to new and unexpected risks. We’ll help you mitigate the cybersecurity risks associated with technology purchases and automation adoption.

As one of the largest national consulting and accounting firms — with more than 1,500 public sector clients — we have an established reputation as a leader in serving governments. We’ll take a collaborative approach to reviewing current processes and identify opportunities for the digital transformation of permitting processes, while improving the customer and agency staff experience.

We’re happy to help — contact us to get started