Defined Contribution Plans

Our Expertise

We audit over 1,200 defined contribution plans annually. With extensive experience with an array of plans — including profit-sharing, money purchase pension, and stock bonus plans — we address your plan's specific issues as well as share best practices. Our proprietary audit approach ensures a thorough, cost-effective audit.

For timely resolutions to issues, we can draw on long-term, professional relationships with the Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Because we're one of the nation's largest accounting, tax, consulting, and wealth management firms, we also have relationships with most large investment, insurance, and record-keeping companies, banks, and actuarial firms, allowing us to efficiently secure necessary audit information.

Client Experience

Our Team

Our team of professionals is extensively trained to identify the unique aspects of each type of defined contribution plan and tailor the audit accordingly. Our training starts with a “boot camp” class for new auditors to walk them through the entire audit, allowing them to become familiar with plan terminology and typical documents that would be provided during the audit. In short, we train our auditors so you don’t have to.