Health & Welfare Benefit Plans

Our Expertise

Plante Moran has vast experience auditing many different types and sizes of health and welfare plans. Health and welfare plans are complicated due to the many different types of benefits provided, ranging from medical and dental to unemployment and disability. They can be defined benefit (having a determinable benefit through reimbursements or direct payments) or defined contribution (having individual participant account balances whereby participants contribute specified amounts); self-insured, fully insured, or partially self-insured; paid solely through a trust or partially through a trust; and provide many different types of benefits.

Plante Moran frequently presents on health and welfare plan accounting, auditing, and reporting matters at state and national conferences.

Client Experience

Our Team

Our knowledge of health and welfare benefit plans allows for an effective and efficient audit experience. When planning the audit, we obtain understanding of the plan, its related trust, and the benefits. Our experience auditing claims and reading the related actuarial reports and benefit obligation statements helps ensure the audit is performed efficiently. Additionally, we understand how the various benefit obligations are determined and should be presented, which is critical to presenting financial statements in accordance with GAAP.