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The challenges related to data privacy are constantly changing and intensifying, as existing and proposed regulations become increasingly stringent. These regulations aim to guide organizations through the complex landscape of data privacy, but given the volume of data many companies collect on a daily basis, the task of protecting this data quickly becomes overwhelming. As a result, businesses that collect and store data must confront this risk head-on. Neglecting to establish strong data security and privacy measures exposes these organizations to financial, legislative, and reputational consequences — even in the absence of a major cybersecurity event.

We understand the risk and compliance requirements you face and are equipped to help establish an effective data privacy control environment. Our services encompass a comprehensive mapping of your data environment aimed at minimizing your vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. If an independent audit is necessary, we’ll conduct the audit, furnish findings for remediation, and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.

If a more comprehensive approach is needed, we offer tailored assistance, including the development and implementation of data privacy policies, incident response protocols, and stronger controls over access to your sensitive data. We firmly believe that safeguarding data isn’t just ethically sound, it’s a competitive advantage.

Data privacy and protection

If you think that managing and protecting data is only the responsibility of your IT team, think again. It takes a concerted, organization wide effort to ensure that you have the right systems and controls in place to safeguard the data you retain. With experience across all industries, and a dedicated team of nearly 100 cybersecurity experts, we have the resources you need to prioritize cybersecurity and avoid risks to your organization.

Our data privacy and protection services include:

Compliance assistance and remediation services
Privacy and security regulations go well beyond the federal and state level. Whether you’re an SEC-registered company looking to remain in SOX compliance or a local retail company who must comply with PCI DSS, we can provide a concise overview of your compliance status and suggested remediation measures.
Data governance
Do you know what standard or framework should be used to effectively manage your organization’s risk? There are many to choose from — NIST Cybersecurity, COSO/COBIT, CIS Critical Security Controls, ISO 270001 — but it’s important to select the right one for your needs. We’ll help you develop a governance framework and cybersecurity roadmap that’s manageable and sustainable for your organization and culture.
Data mapping services
Are your data repositories documented and accessible? Between databases, backups, copies of data stores, applications, and security logs, data can be spread through many different locations within your organization. It’s crucial to know where your data is stored and how that might put your organization at risk. Our data mapping services can help.
Incident response
Even the strongest cybersecurity defenses aren’t a guarantee of safety — that’s why having an incident response plan is essential. We’ll help you create a comprehensive plan to maintain business continuity, minimize damage, and protect you from legal, insurance, and other costly issues.
Privacy laws and regulations
Reaching a moving target like privacy regulations requires a proactive approach. Our highly experienced team can help you maintain compliance with several frameworks, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, CSA STAR, and many others.

The Colorado Privacy Act has organizations of all sizes and types asking questions about data privacy and information security. Understand your potential risks.


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Cybersecurity incidents often come from unexpected places, blindsiding organizations and impacting operations. This is why developing a holistic, top-down cybersecurity strategy should be a high priority for your business. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, time-intensive, or overwhelming — that’s where our team comes in.

With more than 30 years’ experience providing cybersecurity consulting services as well as a deep bench of cybersecurity professionals and industry specialists, we have the relevant experience, insights, and technical expertise to help you stay ahead of the compliance curve and build a cybersecurity strategy informed by every corner of your organization.