Full Back Office Including Bill Pay & Bookkeeping

Our Expertise

Our Family Office Services Group offers bill pay and bookkeeping services which are customized to fit your unique situations and specific needs. We have accountants specifically solely dedicated to providing bill pay and a full array of financial accounting outsourced services.

What sets our bill payment services apart from other firms are our processes, controls, and services delivered by a dedicated team of accounting professionals. Devoted to serving our family office clients, our staff members are not just paying the bills; they are part of an integrated team working with our tax professionals, and collaborating with your family office.

Offering bill pay, bookkeeping, payroll management and other similar personal accounting services, we provide you with efficient and cost-effective back-office solutions that are flexible and customized. Our services also allow personal and business bookkeeping to flow seamlessly into your tax planning and tax preparation work.

Client Experience

Our Team

Each family office client has a single lead relationship partner who creates a customized approach and experienced team to meet your needs. We start the process for designing the client experience by listening and helping you identify your office’s challenges and goals. Organized around industry and technical expertise, there are over 120 professionals who work within our family office industry group. Our purpose is to support you in an effort to protect, preserve and enhance their wealth.