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Conducting business internationally: Audit, tax, and data privacy compliance

Presented By:
AJ Iafrate Kyle Miller Jessica Wargo Lara Witte
Nov. 14, 2023
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Our international audit, tax, and cybersecurity professionals discuss audit and tax best practices when working internationally, along with adhering to local data privacy laws. Are you conducting business internationally or considering expanding? Join our professionals to get up to speed.
Group of professionals discussing how to conduct business internationally.Conducting business internationally adds a layer of complexity to every aspect of your operations. When it comes to audit and tax compliance — already a challenging effort — adding additional countries and their compliance rules can cause even more difficulty. Further complicating matters, many countries are introducing their own data privacy laws. This balancing act can be challenging to handle, which is where our international audit, tax, and consulting professionals can help.

If you’re conducting business internationally or thinking about expanding internationally, this webinar will help lay the groundwork for audit and tax compliance best practices, along with how to follow local data privacy laws.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of audit and tax compliance best practices when working internationally.
  • Define how to understand local data privacy laws and how to start adhering to them.

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