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Is your financial advisor your personal CFO?

September 19, 2019 Article 5 min read
Jaime Eckels Wealth Management
The best wealth planning strategies start with a team of professionals led by a financial advisor working as your "personal CFO." How does your wealth management plan measure up? Read more at American City Business Journals.
Adults talking over a deskYou’re at a dinner party and one of your friends is talking about doing a back-door Roth IRA because their AGI is too high to make direct contributions.

Someone else is in the process of retitling their home into the name of their trust.

And another friend is converting from municipal to taxable bonds because they are now subject to AMT.

The conversation is starting to sound like a word salad. Even worse, you know you might soon face some of the same complicated issues.

Years ago, you could easily manage your investments and prepare your own tax return. But now, for very good reasons, those days are gone. You’ve progressed in your career, your family has grown, and your financial situation has gotten pretty complex, pretty fast.

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