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Top 8 manufacturing trends for 2024

January 31, 2024 White Paper 30 min read
Mike Lipinski
Why are ransomware attacks on the rise for manufacturers? Plante Moran’s Mike Lipinski discusses how industry players can prepare for emerging cybersecurity threats in NAM’s 2024 trends report. 
Manufacturing professionals looking at a tablet computer.The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)’s newly released report, “Top 8 Manufacturing Trends for 2024,” highlights the top eight trends in manufacturing today with a focus on growth, resilience, and competitive advantages for manufacturers. Within the report, Plante Moran Cybersecurity Partner Mike Lipinski shares his perspective on how manufacturers can protect their businesses from emerging cybersecurity threats by building a plan of resilience.

Manufacturing systems and equipment are threatened more than ever due to increased cyberattacks and the rise of ransomware. However, many manufacturers aren’t taking the steps to prioritize cybersecurity, putting the entire organization at risk of data theft and financial fraud. With a plan in place, organizations can understand where vulnerabilities lie and prevent major disruptions that can significantly impact operational costs.

Read more about the rise of ransomware on manufacturers and other top industry trends in the full report.

Note that this report from the National Association of Manufacturers requires registration to download. 

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