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Cybersecurity in food manufacturing: Ransomware threats

June 3, 2024 Article 3 min read
Mike Lipinski Jessica Whitman
Cybersecurity attacks on manufacturers’ systems, equipment, and technology are trending up. Better understand ransomware threats in the food and beverage industry, how they can affect your business, and ways to prevent costly breaches using a holistic cybersecurity strategy.
Food and beverage cookie manufacturer equipment using smart manufacturing processes.Cybersecurity attacks on manufacturers’ systems, equipment, and technology are trending up — and more likely today than ever, ransomware is the culprit. The food and beverage industry has undergone significant digital transformation such as adopting automation and smart manufacturing processes; however, this increased connectivity on the plant floor also introduces new risks. The cost of prevention is far less than the costs of recovery after a breach — don’t put your food and beverage business’s ability to operate at risk. Learn what you might be missing by neglecting to discuss cybersecurity with your IT leadership team; create your holistic cybersecurity strategy today.

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