Penetration Testing

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Prepare now and keep vulnerabilities in check

In today’s world, organizations won’t get far without keeping up with new technology, all while finding ways to maintain older (but necessary) ones. Opportunities may be present around every corner, but so too are bad actors looking to exploit technological weaknesses, infiltrate your network, and obtain sensitive information from your staff and customers. From external, “drive-by” attacks to targeted attacks by knowledgeable insiders, it’s vital that your organization ensures the safety and security of your systems, both old and new. That’s where our cybersecurity experts can help. We’ll simulate real-world threats and scenarios to assess your current systems, provide recommendations to improve security measures, and prepare your organization to tackle internal and external threats head-on with confidence.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of cybersecurity experts help organizations with several versions of penetration testing for a safe and secure working environment. We’ll take a holistic view of your organization — your people, processes, and technology — to protect you not just from the threats you’re aware of, but those you haven’t even considered.

Penetration testing services for security and peace of mind

With a full line of cybersecurity services and a deep bench of experts, we help our clients build sustainable systems and respond to unexpected threats efficiently and effectively.

Internal/external penetration tests

Do you understand where cyberattacks are coming from and the tactics used to launch them? We’ll help you understand how attacks occur from the internet and within your organization using manual penetration test techniques based on real-world threat intelligence so you’ll always be prepared.

Mobile application security

Are you monitoring threats coming from mobile applications? We’ll perform application programming interface (API) and mobile application security tests in a simulated environment to identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with data collection and analysis in iOS and Android platforms.

Red team/blue team exercises

You want your entire organization to be prepared when an attack occurs. We’ll conduct red team and blue team exercises so your people can understand how attacks occur and how to respond to them holistically and efficiently.

Security configuration reviews

Secure technology is essential for the day-to-day activities of many organizations. We’ll assess your current configurations and determine whether current security measures are deployed in a manner that supports secure infrastructure and processes for your applications, including Microsoft 365.

Social engineering

Phony emails (phishing), phone calls (vishing), and text messages (smishing) are common ways hackers attempt to siphon sensitive information from your organization. We’ll test end users’ awareness and response to these social engineering attacks to keep your company’s people, data, and enterprise information safe and secure.

Vulnerability scanning & vulnerability management

Are there misconfigurations and missing patches within your organization’s network? We’ll perform vulnerability scans to identify critical and high-impact vulnerabilities and provide a full analysis on how you can address those gaps most effectively.

Web application testing
Attacks on web applications can come from both authenticated and unauthenticated users. We’ll perform web application tests with varying levels of permissions to assess the security controls and secure coding in the web application and host, as well as APIs if applicable.

Secure your MS 365 environment; don’t rely on default settings

Penetration testing isn’t just good practice — it’s a crucial tool for assessing your vulnerability management program.

Client Experience

You’re focused on keeping your company safe and secure. Our focus is on you.

Your organization’s future is bright; unanticipated and unplanned-for cyber events shouldn’t be an obstacle to growth and innovation. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will be right by your side as your trusted advisor to sustain long-term security and success. We’ve been providing cybersecurity services for more than 30 years, and we’ll bring that expertise to you every step of the way.

We’re guided by our “We care” philosophy — we care for our work, our clients, and each other. This simple, sincere philosophy has been key to our success, which includes a place on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in America” every year since 1998. We’ll hold fast to those values as we work with you.