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December 17, 2020 3 min read
Ever wish you didn’t have to choose between quality time at work and quality time at home? Since work-life balance is highly personal, we’ve introduced a variety of supports so staff have the tools to find the right mix. 
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Most of us spend our entire careers trying to find that perfect but often elusive work-life balance. Truth is, work-life balance means something different to everyone, and it constantly evolves. Balance looks much different for a 38-year-old partner than a 22-year-old staff member who recently graduated from college. (Spoiler alert: It gets easier as you go.)  

And, if you can look back over the course of a month or a year and see a healthy mix of memories from both work and everyday life, well, you’re on the right track. 

Balance takes support

Since work-life balance is so highly personal, weve put many supports in place to ensure staff always have tools to use as they grow with the firm.  

First, as with many things at Plante Moran, we have a principle for that. Co-founder Frank Moran used to say, The whole person comes to work.” Since Franks time, balance has been baked into firm culture. 

Next, to uphold that whole person principle, we have a committee. Our WorkFlex Committee champions serve as a resource for staff with challenges and ideas related to improving work-life balance. As champions learn of changing needs among staff, they bring suggestions to the management team for discussion and action.  

The key is to think about balance as a movie rather than a snapshot in time.


Finally, we have programs and policies to help staff find balance — and navigate significant life events. A few of the more notable ones include:


Flexible Time Off

Our flexible time off (FTO) policy allows staff to take time off when they need it most with no need to bank time or worry about PTO availability, provided work objectives continue to be met. With a traditional PTO bank, concern about available time off could distract staff from what’s really important: their well-being. 

Enhanced parental leave

Our leave of absence policy includes a six-week paid parental leave for all new parents, including moms, dads, and adoptive parents. This is in addition to the six to eight weeks of short-term disability benefits the firm provides to birth mothers.

Tax-season day care

To ease family stress during a hectic time of year, we offer free, on-site child care on tax-season Saturdays at many of our offices. The creative program features a weekly theme with fun activities that incorporate art, math, science, music, drama, and writing workshops. 

Alternative work arrangements

Many staff tailor their work schedules. Arrangements are based on particular circumstances, and can include telecommuting, compressed workweeks, part-time schedules, and putting in extra hours during tax season with reduced summer schedules.

Dress for your day

Hugely popular, this program makes denim optional any day of the week, based on your schedule. No client meetings? Break out your jeans — even if it’s not Friday. 

Athletic reimbursement

To help staff meet their fitness goals, we reimburse 50 percent of athletic expenses up to a maximum of $80 per month. In addition, the policy applies to family gym memberships, online fitness programs, and race fees. 

Support during COVID-19

Work-life balance has taken on a new meaning in 2020. COVID-19 has redefined our lives, transforming what was once known and familiar into something uncertain. We recognize that it hasn’t been easy, so we introduced our temporary “Work-From-Home Remedies” program, which offers even greater flexibility, balance, technology enhancements, and financial support to ease the stress of challenges from the pandemic. Read more about our program here. 

Achieving that perfect work-life balance is hard, and just when you think you have it … you guessed it: Something changes. So forget evaluating the snapshot, the brief moment in time, and take a longer view. Whats the work-life mix of scenes in your movie?