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Productivity & performance

People and process The power behind your business
5 min read
Top five skills for next generation leaders

Next generation leaders need to focus on key skills to connect with coworkers and their organization. Are you utilizing the best approach to ensure sustainable success as a next generation leader?

Steve Gravenkemper Ph.D.
Article July 12, 2017 5 min read

Navigating the technology industry
Strategies to drive your bottom line

Private equity value creation

Driving private equity value image
60 min watch
Mitigating risk and identifying potential: A case study for operational and commercial due diligence success
Join ACG and Plante Moran for a complimentary webinar with insights into a recent client engagement and an informative discussion on the top three objectives organizations should consider to realize the deal's value and enhance operational benefits.
Webinar August 29, 2017 60 min watch Upcoming
Equity compensation in venture capital and private equity
David Howell
Article June 19, 2017 6 min read
Revenue recognition: What private equity needs to know
Webinar January 19, 2017 59 min watch
Uncover issues and prepare for action with IT due diligence
Doug Hockenbrocht
Article June 16, 2017 4 min read

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  • FUND Conference
    Plante Moran is pleased to sponsor the 2017 FUND Conference, which brings thought leadership to Chicago to bridge the gap between early stage investors and growing companies.
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Technology Companies Thought Leadership

  • Moving beyond a technology start-up
    Sound accounting and reporting are crucial to any growing business, including when it comes to securing funding. Keep these 10 GAAP factors in mind as your technology startup evolves into a successful enterprise.
    Jennifer Kalina Nicole Hoague
    Article November 02, 2016 3 min read
    Warm yellow building reflection image
  • Effective tax planning for intellectual property

    Wondering if your intellectual property strategy is beneficial for your company? Join our webinar to ensure you’re maximizing potential value.

    Jon Jenni William W. Henson
    Webinar March 02, 2017 62 min watch
    Image of a person signing a document
  • Achieving a competitive advantage and high ROI through security compliance
    Want to move beyond meeting regulations and strategically leverage IT security compliance to generate revenue, boost ROI, and differentiate your business? Here are four areas to consider.
    Tim Bowling
    Article November 02, 2016 3 min read
    Team members having a meeting at a table
  • Tax credits and incentives: Changes that could benefit your business
    2016 saw several beneficial rule changes for businesses, including expansion of the R&D credit, accelerated cost recovery for restaurants and retailers, and continued work to finalize a deduction for domestic manufacturers. Here’s how they may benefit you and your business.
    Nathan Buchalski Ginger Powell
    Article June 14, 2017 2 min read
    Busy city view with a beautiful sun setting
  • New R&D regulations: Clarity for taxpayers with software development activities
    If your business develops software, the likelihood of claiming the R&D credit has just increased. Here’s what you need to know.
    Nathan Buchalski Ginger Powell
    Article November 02, 2016 3 min read
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In a world that’s more complex, connected, and faster-moving than ever, the opportunities facing technology companies are massive, but so are the risks. With more than 600 technology clients — including software developers, data processors/hosts, and early stage/emerging companies — our experience clients ensures you receive practical, actionable advice to help you capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk, and compete around the globe.

 We know staying current is paramount in a constantly-changing industry. We actively participate in technology industry associations and conferences on the state and national levels, ensuring you stay current on the issues, trends, and laws that impact your business. From cloud taxation and intellectual property to compensation planning and talent optimization, we have the resources to help you navigate complex issues and accelerate growth.

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Our clients say

We continually open new markets and offer improved and new products and services, so we really appreciate the support of our Plante Moran accountants and consultants. They are an external resource that our internal team can depend upon for a full suite of services. They offer us an integrated response to everything from specialty tax credits to international strategy and human resource issues to financial modeling. We depend on their expert level of service to support our continuing growth.

Richard Widgren VP finance, Treasurer, and CFO, Urban Science

Our Team

Experience the benefit of more than 350 experts who fully grasp the opportunities and challenges of your industry. Our broad range of customized services meets you wherever you are in the value chain and wherever you operate around the globe. Our multidisciplinary team of audit, tax, and consulting professionals has worked with technology companies through all stages of growth. Whether you’re looking to grow your technology company or better navigate the rapidly changing environment, our dedicated team provides sound strategies and value-added services to help guide your business to success.


Brian Langham CPA, Partner, Emerging Enterprises and Technology Practice Group Leader
Raj Patel CISM, CISA, CRISK, FCAA (UK), Partner, Cybersecurity Practice Leader