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COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

Future growth begins with the right advisor.

You’re probably no stranger to the pressures of market fluctuations, international expansion, regulatory compliance, or the risk of supply interruptions. And if you’re not facing these challenges today, you will in the future. We know because we understand your industry, your operational environment, and most importantly, what your metals business needs to prosper.

Our audit, tax, consulting, and M&A advisory professionals serve more than 300 metals clients operating in the United States and internationally. These companies span the distribution chain, from primary metal producers to fabricators across end-user market sectors, such as automotive, construction, machinery and equipment, and medical. Additionally, we’re leaders in helping middle-market metals manufacturers select and implement ERP systems.

Our data-driven metals expertise is recognized across the marketplace. For example, we partnered with the Precision Metalforming Association to launch Dynamic Data. This cloud-based tool, available to Precision Metalforming Association members creates customized data reports on demand, using real-time industry data. A Dynamic Data report analyzes key performance indicators and — even more valuable — compares your company data against industry peers. Key data points include executive compensation, wage and benefits, benchmarking, financial analysis, safety, and sales and marketing. This is just one way in which we’ll provide deeper insights to empower your decision-making and long-term success.

Are you prepared for the future of mobility?
The time to retool and get ready is now.

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Metals Thought Leadership

  • Customer relationships and demand: Are your partnerships suffering during COVID-19?
    Your customers are scrambling to understand how they’ll continue operations. Consider how operational changes and schedule disruptions will affect your customers and how you’ll support them. Complete our assessment to determine how well you’re serving your customers during disruption.
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  • Liquidity: Do you have enough cash to weather the storm?
    Good leadership requires confidence in your company’s financial health, and in times of uncertainty, liquidity is one of the best measures you have. This assessment will help you measure your company’s liquidity confidence in this time of major disruption. Take our assessment to better understand your commitments, credit, cash flow, and other potential risks.
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  • Leadership: Are you setting the right tone at the top?
    Your organization is built on people. You may need to modify protocols for communication, hiring, and more. Leadership can set examples, share best practices, and offer new resources — especially for those concerned about safety on site or working remotely unexpectedly. This assessment will help you measure your flexibility and agility in supporting your teams.
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  • Supply chain and operations: Are yours agile enough to survive COVID-19?
    In the wake of supply chain disruptions, you need to consider how to alter operations and use in-place systems in new ways. At the same time, how can you ensure your workers are protected and safe? Can you shift your supply chain to manufacture products sorely needed during this period of crisis? Are your suppliers and vendors prepared to send and receive products? Complete our supply chain and operations assessment to better understand the challenges you may face going forward.
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Tailored solutions to move you forward

Turn to us to solve complex issues, formulate strategies, and prepare for change. We provide a valuable, individualized approach to match your unique business needs. As an extension of your team, our team will be by your side to not only tackle today’s needs, but plan for tomorrow’s growth.

Our industry knowledge and depth of services allow us to create customized solutions while remaining committed to our clients’ success. “At the end of the day, helping our clients succeed goes back to Plante Moran’s ‘We Care’ attitude,” says Shane Ferguson, metals practice leader. “An honest approach backed by outstanding service helps our clients’ businesses thrive.”

Our clients say

Plante Moran has been invaluable in establishing our operation in China. They guided us through the labyrinth of rules and registrations that were required to start up our operations. In addition, they provided accounting and administrative services that allowed us to leverage our employees. This allowed us to focus on our customers, and we were able to become profitable in our first year of operations, and put us on track to double our sales in the second year.

John Hoeksema CFO, Termax Corporation

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