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USMCA compliance: Is your organization on track? Find out more.

USMCA compliance: Is your organization on track? Find out more.

USMCA compliance: Is your organization on track? Find out more.

Future growth begins with the right advisor.

You’re probably no stranger to the pressures of market fluctuations, international expansion, regulatory compliance, or the risk of supply interruptions. And if you’re not facing these challenges today, you will in the future. We know because we understand your industry, your operational environment, and most importantly, what your metals business needs to prosper.

Our audit, tax, consulting, and M&A advisory professionals serve more than 300 metals clients operating in the United States and internationally. These companies span the distribution chain, from primary metal producers to fabricators across end-user market sectors, such as automotive, construction, machinery and equipment, and medical. Additionally, we’re leaders in helping middle-market metals manufacturers select and implement ERP systems.

Our data-driven metals expertise is recognized across the marketplace. For example, we partnered with the Precision Metalforming Association and Harbour Results, Inc. to launch Metalforming Insights. This enhanced reporting, available to Precision Metalforming Association members provides quarterly outputs and custom reports, using real-time industry data. A Metalforming Insights report analyzes key performance indicators and — even more valuable — compares your company data against industry peers. Key data points from the quarterly surveys will cover financials and KPIs; operations and safety; sales and marketing and forecasting; and wages and benefits, along with executive compensation. This is just one way in which we’ll provide deeper insights to empower your decision-making and long-term success.

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Metals Thought Leadership

  • How to decide whether to close a business during the pandemic
    The COVID-19 pandemic sent businesses scrambling for survival in 2020. A year on, it’s time to step back and consider the phase 2 response. Tim Weed provides guidance for business owners deciding whether to carry on or sell via Marketwatch.
    Tim Weed
    Article February 19, 2021 6 min read
    Business closed sign
  • Biden’s trade policy stresses investment in U.S. jobs

    Biden Administration trade policy is poised to create an environment that incentivizes companies to build up North American supply chains and expand U.S. production capacity. Lou Longo explains what this shift could mean for business and American workers via CFO.

    Lou Longo
    Article February 16, 2021 3 min read
    Two businesspeople walking through a warehouse reviewing levels of supply.
  • USMCA compliance: Qualify your products using these four steps

    The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is bringing added oversight to ensure compliance with the new trade rules. Accurate documentation is required, audits are coming, and fines and penalties await those who don’t comply. Are you ready?

    Alejandro A. Rodriguez
    Article February 1, 2021 5 min read
    Interior of a warehouse with boxes stacked on pallets.
  • Operating amid COVID-19: A CFO’s checklist

    Things have changed since the start of the pandemic, and our operating procedures need to reflect that. It’s time for CFOs to move from short-term survival mode to long-term planning as we settle in for a long recovery. 

    Jon Wood Jason Winters Daron Gifford
    Article February 1, 2021 6 min read
    A CFO sitting at a desk taking a phone call.

Our clients say

Plante Moran has been invaluable in establishing our operation in China. They guided us through the labyrinth of rules and registrations that were required to start up our operations. In addition, they provided accounting and administrative services that allowed us to leverage our employees. This allowed us to focus on our customers, and we were able to become profitable in our first year of operations, and put us on track to double our sales in the second year.

John Hoeksema CFO, Termax Corporation

Tailored solutions to move you forward

Turn to us to solve complex issues, formulate strategies, and prepare for change. We provide a valuable, individualized approach to match your unique business needs. As an extension of your team, our team will be by your side to not only tackle today’s needs, but plan for tomorrow’s growth.

Our industry knowledge and depth of services allow us to create customized solutions while remaining committed to our clients’ success. “At the end of the day, helping our clients succeed goes back to Plante Moran’s ‘We Care’ attitude,” says Shane Ferguson, metals practice leader. “An honest approach backed by outstanding service helps our clients’ businesses thrive.”

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