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COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

COVID 19: Respond, restart, be ready. Access our manufacturing resource center.

Vision and insights you won’t get anywhere else

What’s the difference between status quo and best in class? Competitive intelligence. Arm yourself with financial, operational, and strategic insights to help balance risk and opportunity to achieve your growth goals.

To be successful, we know plastics manufacturers need more than just a service provider. Our clients gain valuable market insights from accountants and consultants backed by decades of plastics industry experience and proprietary benchmarking data.


North American Plastics Industry Study
Download the 2020 NAPIS Summary Report

Our Unique Advantage

Data-backed insights. Our advisors don’t just deliver an opinion. Insights are backed by our North American Plastics Industry Study (NAPIS), the most comprehensive survey of plastics processors in North America.

Since 1995, we’ve examined hundreds of financial, sales, operations, and management metrics to identify best practices and define the attributes of top performers in the industry. This financial and operational data allow us to highlight the health of your business with comparative data from more than 200 competing facilities.

What does this mean for you? Vision and comfort — a factual understanding of where you stand in the marketplace, direction on how to balance competing priorities, and the support you need to make smart investment decisions.

Discover strategies to manage through COVID-19 and enhance market position.
Download the 2020 NAPIS summary report

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Honest advice to move you forward

Our clients turn to us for a fresh and honest perspective. Our recommendations are future-focused, candid, and always backed by facts. Clients gain foresight and confidence to make the best decisions in every situation. The weight of change doesn’t feel quite as heavy with a trusted advisor in your corner.

“We combine the insights of our plastics industry benchmarking study with decades of experience serving plastics manufacturers to offer a trusted perspective on growth opportunities and business model risks,” said Damitha Bandara, plastics assurance partner. “We look out for our clients and give them honest, practical counsel.”

Our clients say

We are a fairly data-driven metrics-oriented organization and have historically compared our 6 operations against each other internally. Participation in the North American Plastics Industry Survey (NAPIS) has taken benchmarking to the next level giving us a broad, valid comparative universe. Operationally we use the NAPIS data for enhancing the output and efficiency of our assets and goal setting. Commercially we reference the information to test the validity of “target pricing” that is frequently presented to our sales assets. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, NAPIS data has become part of our acquisition toolbox during the initial assessment and operational due diligence phases of the process. Candidly our entire management looks forward to the NAPIS survey.

Al Ridilla President, Enterprise Molded Products Business, Parkway Products Inc.

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