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Plastics Industry Benchmarking

Our audit, tax, and consulting plastics advisors serve over 200 plastics manufacturers, and we continue to see opportunities for profitable growth for those who focus on their strengths and are able to flex their operations to keep pace with our changing business climate.


For today’s plastics manufacturers, achieving your goals means managing tight margins, prudently stewarding resources, and properly planning for your capital investment projects. Our complimentary benchmarking analyses can help you develop your strategy and execute your plans in accordance with your company's needs.


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Plastics Industry Benchmarking Surveys

  • North American Plastics Industry Study survey
    In today's plastics industry, it's crucial for companies to have solid financial and competitive benchmarking data to support their strategies as well as to proactively manage relationships with customers, suppliers, lenders, and investors.
    Jeff Mengel
    June 01, 2017 2 min read
    diverse group of people working on a project
  • Focused survey: LSR molding
    Focused surveys address the need for deeper insights on specific topics. Please note that only companies that participate in the North American Plastics Industry Study Survey (NAPIS) will be allowed to participate in the focused surveys.
    Jeff Mengel
    June 01, 2017 1 min read
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  • U.S. Manufacturing Reshoring Study
    What’s preventing you from reshoring? Take the U.S Manufacturing Reshoring Study to help Plante Moran and Reshoring Initiative identify barriers facing U.S.-based manufacturers.
    Jeff Mengel
    July 19, 2017 1 min read
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Our clients say

We are a fairly data-driven metrics-oriented organization and have historically compared our 6 operations against each other internally. Participation in the North American Plastics Industry Survey (NAPIS) has taken benchmarking to the next level giving us a broad, valid comparative universe. Operationally we use the NAPIS data for enhancing the output and efficiency of our assets and goal setting. Commercially we reference the information to test the validity of “target pricing” that is frequently presented to our sales assets. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, NAPIS data has become part of our acquisition toolbox during the initial assessment and operational due diligence phases of the process. Candidly our entire management looks forward to the NAPIS survey.

Al Ridilla President, Enterprise Molded Products Business, Parkway Products Inc.

Our Team

Plante Moran is widely recognized for having more empirical plastics industry data than any other professional services firm in North America. Our team of plastics business advisors has coordinated the annual North American Plastics Industry Study since 1995. We are deeply entrenched in the industry, regularly presenting at industry events and contributing to the industry’s most respected publications.