Defined Benefit Plans

Our Expertise

Our expert team brings deep knowledge and broad experience auditing defined benefit plans, including traditional plans with benefits based on compensation hours/years of service, cash balance plans, and plans whose benefits are linked to a defined contribution plan or floor offset plans. Our proprietary audit approach ensures a thorough, cost-effective process. Our professionals specialize in limited and full scope defined benefit plans and provide an audit approach that addresses the distinct aspects of these plans.

Our expertise means we efficiently identify and resolve issues quickly, and make best practice suggestions so you benefit from our vast experience.

Client Experience

Our Team

Our benefit plan auditors have extensive training and experience with the details and nuances of a wide variety of defined benefit plans to ensure your offerings are in compliance.

We use data mining tools to analyze your plan's data—particularly census information and annuity payments. Our use of these tools and data analytics helps us keep sample sizes down, relieving the level of effort your staff expend to support the audit. Our data analysis also helps us focus our testing of these areas on the information with the greatest risk of misstatements.