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Seven value creation strategies for private equity

February 4, 2021 White Paper 14 min read
Michele E. McHale
Learn seven post-acquisition value creation strategies private equity firms should employ to ensure maximum ROI upon exit.
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With heightened competitiveness in the private equity marketplace, it’s more vital than ever for private equity firms to develop a solid post-acquisition value creation plan. While there's no single winning formula for private equity success, we've identified some of the most promising near-term initiatives as well as longer-term strategic opportunities for value creation that drive increased revenue, margin improvement, and capital efficiency.

Value creation strategies

This executive-level guidebook includes practical advice that will help you achieve the aggressive growth goals and high returns that private equity investors have come to expect. 

  • Using performance-based equity incentives to achieve private equity value creation   
  • Address accounting on day one for post-acquisition value creation
  • Prevent private equity value erosion with proper tax planning
  • Upgrade the finance function to assure private equity value creation
  • Aligning technology for post-close value creation   
  • Three post-acquisition private equity value creation strategies
  • Three operational improvements tactics to accelerate private equity value creation

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