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Are you ready for future mobility? The pace of technological advancement is accelerating, making it more and more challenging to keep up. Battery electric and hybrid vehicles are expected to account for 60% of market share by 2030 — that’s more than 6 million produced per year in North America. We’re also seeing significant growth in automation, advanced mobility technology, artificial intelligence, and connectivity. As future mobility trends continuously reinvent the industry, you’ll need a data-driven strategy to help you stay ahead; our mobility experts will show you the way.

We’ll arm you with market, financial, operational, and strategic intelligence you won’t find anywhere else, delivered by seasoned automotive consulting advisors. Our electrification model and insights will provide the guidance you need to charge up your strategy for the future of mobility. Studies like our Working Relations Index will help you improve customer-supplier relationships for a stronger supply chain, and our Mobility Forecast, powered by AFS, will help you navigate volatility and make smarter planning decisions. We also offer proprietary data on the EV value chain, materials manufacturing, electric vehicle growth projections, and more. And we won’t stop there; our advisors will show you how you can reduce costs through government funding options, loans, and grant programs. We’ll help you understand how mobility technology and smart manufacturing will impact your business — and which strategic moves offer the most payoff for you as you transform.

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Are you prepared for ICE to EV transition? It's now or never.

What’s now, what’s next: Mobility data and insights

With the shift to EV technologies, automotive suppliers must make critical decisions. Our white paper offers insights to help discern the speed of adoption, revenue source shifts, and cost trends.

Curated mobility services to drive you forward

When you work with Plante Moran, you get the guidance of some of the most sought-after thought leaders in the mobility industry. We’ll work with you as though we’re members of your team, assessing your market position and redefining your strategy based on our proprietary market forecasts and benchmarking data. 
Environmental, social, and governance
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting is becoming an important initiative for many automotive organizations. If you’ve prioritized developing an ESG strategy but don’t know where to begin, we can help.
Mergers and acquisitions
We’ll help you execute your M&A growth strategy by moving you through every step of the transaction process, from target selection and due diligence to seamless post-merger integration.

We’ll help focus and refine your strategic vision and uncover opportunities to drive profitability. Our time-tested methods for sustainable success, combined with our exclusive proprietary insights, deliver expert strategies that balance your short- and long-term goals while giving you a competitive edge.

Supply chain and operations

As you adapt to an increasingly electric industry, arm yourself against supply chain disruptions with strategies that drive operational excellence.

Tax and audit
Optimize your tax position, maximize your audit efficiency, and leave nothing on the table with our automotive industry accounting experts.
Technology and cybersecurity
A well-designed technology and digital strategy allows mobility companies to serve customers effectively and operate profitably. We’ll develop an effective digital strategy with strong cybersecurity protection that meets your unique goals and needs.

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