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ERP solutions for private equity owned food manufacturer

June 21, 2016 Case Study 1 min read
New ERP system significantly reduces manual processes and provides key analytics and reporting for growing manufacturer.

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The client

A Midwest-based and private-equity owned process manufacturer of specialty dairy products with a growing presence in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast United States.

The challenge

Due to the initial growth plan, the company selected and implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that was designed for large manufacturers. But when growth didn’t meet projected expectations, leadership questioned the system and its ability to effectively unite their strategies, people, and processes.

The solution

Our team assessed the client’s current ERP system to help create a future strategy. We discovered the client’s current system had several risk factors, including key operating processes being performed outside of the ERP environment, lack of executive reporting, application process rigidity that didn’t align with end-user disciplines, and dependence on manual processes and external spreadsheets. Additionally, the cost of the solution was multiple times greater than competing solutions that are better aligned with the client size and industry.

We provided the client with an assessment report outlining a plan, budget, and key trade-off points for two options: enhancing the current system to meet its needs or replacing the system with a completely new solution. The client elected to replace the system and engaged our team to manage an ERP selection process, including:

  • Developing a request for proposal with detailed requirements
  • Summarizing proposal responses & identifying the top two candidates
  • Facilitating demonstrations for the client & finalists
  • Conducting a vendor reference review
  • Reviewing contracts for critical documents & protective language to serve client interests

The benefit

Our ERP specialists helped the client evaluate and select the ERP system that provides the most value to their organization. The client is currently undergoing implementation of the selected ERP solution with a focus on key improvements including:

  • Significant reduction of spreadsheet & manual processes
  • Documented processes & training for end users
  • Business intelligence & executive reporting tools to meet leadership needs
  • Additional projects, including a manufacturing footprint analysis

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