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July 8, 2020

As organizations and individuals look to accumulate and preserve cash, we’ll provide tax-planning strategies that maximize cash flow. Our tax experts will show you how in this webinar.

Close-up photo of hands opening a letter and holding a check.For the second installment of our “Tax planning for challenging times” webinar series, our tax experts will discuss tax-planning strategies to maximize cash flow that can enable organizations and individuals to get and preserve cash. They’ll focus on the use of losses and credits to generate refunds, as well as strategies to manage the amount and timing of tax payments. Specific to 2020, new opportunities include deferral of certain payroll tax deposits and relief for the payment of estimated taxes. However, other existing tax payment deferral or refund acceleration provisions are also newly relevant right now.

Ultimately, these strategies rely on specific timing, and our experts will walk through how you can both best plan for the present and ensure your ability to make these deferred payments in the future.

Learning objectives:

  • Define which strategies for maximizing cash flow hold the most opportunity for your organization.
  • Develop plans and timelines for using these strategies.
  • Plan for payments of deferred taxes.


  • Brett Bissonnette, senior manager, National Tax Office
  • Josh Bemis, staff, National Tax Office
  • Rebecca Smart, in-charge, National Tax Office

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