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June 26, 2018 Article 15 min read
What’s new in state and local tax? Here are a few updates on activities within Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, and more. 

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All states

  • U.S. Supreme Court overrules Quill in sales tax nexus case


  • Colorado enacts market-based sourcing
  • Colorado issues IRC §965 repatriation transition tax guidance


  • Connecticut revises IRC §965 repatriation transition tax guidance
  • Connecticut enacts pass-through entity tax, depreciation adjustments
  • Connecticut issues guidance on estimated pass-through entity tax
  • Connecticut’s bonus depreciation addback applies to 2017 tax year
  • Sales and use tax definitions regarding nexus amended


  • IRC conformity updated


  • Sales thresholds trigger sales tax nexus in Illinois


  • Iowa enacts major tax reform


  • Passive holding company not subject to Detroit income tax
  • Unitary business group guidance updated
  • Contractor use tax liability clarified


  • Corporate tax rate cut and apportionment changes enacted

North Carolina

  • North Carolina budget updates IRC conformity, includes other changes

North Dakota

  • Remote sellers meeting thresholds now subject to sales tax


  • Personal income tax residency test modified


  • State decouples from TCJA limit on business interest deduction

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