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Create a legacy of giving: Engage family members in your donor advised fund

November 9, 2020 Article 4 min read
Dawn Jinsky Wealth Management Sara Montgomery Wealth Management

Have a donor-advised fund? A family philanthropy board helps engage loved ones and strengthen your family’s legacy of giving. Our experts explain via American Endowment Foundation

A couple smiling and holding hands in an outdoor area. There’s a common misconception among many of our clients that they need a family foundation to engage loved ones in philanthropy, but in many cases a donor-advised fund (DAF) can achieve the same goal. The key is to establish a family philanthropy board.

The benefits are many, and one common byproduct of collaboration on something external to the family, such as charitable giving, is the generosity it can create within the family. When it comes to philanthropy and your family’s legacy, don’t miss a real opportunity to bring your loved ones on board.

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