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Should you worry about tax increases? Maybe not

February 23, 2022 Article 2 min read
Stephen Eckert
It’s a safe bet that taxes won’t go down in the current administration, but fixating on where capital gains rates might land is an unproductive distraction. In Kiplinger, Stephen Eckert discusses why business leaders should focus on business growth instead.
Three business professionals huddled around a laptop computer at night time reviewing information together.There’s been no shortage of handwringing about the prospect of tax increases over the course of the past year. Worried about potential tax changes, some business owners pushed ahead with sales or other liquidity events, while investors raced to book gains in 2021.

However, as 2022 progresses, the tax legislation spurring those actions faces a highly uncertain future. And for business owners and investors who were facing increases, the most recent drafts of the Build Back Better Act suggest several future planning options to mitigate the pain.

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