image of Johnathan Winterkorn

I have six kids — that usually shocks most people. But, I’m also a big Star Wars fan, and I’ve seen all of the movies when they’ve been shown on the big screen.
Jonathan Winterkorn
Partner, CPA


I love being a leader, and I love to help leaders succeed — whether I’m looking for ways for clients to grow their business or working with colleagues to build the next generation of firm leadership. I am the Cincinnati tax director, and I lead our Ohio tax consulting and automotive practices. I specialize in helping dealerships, manufacturers, long-term care providers, and real estate developers.

I offer research and development tax credit assistance, depreciation consulting, cost segregation analysis, and family wealth planning services to clients that range from large multinational corporations to senior care and living institutions to family-owned businesses. In other words, I help innovative companies and their owners find ways to save money, achieve success, and give back to the community.

Around the office, colleagues know me for my patience and diligence. When they have a question, they know I’ll work with them until they’re sure they understand the answer. Explaining complex material comes naturally to me; I’ve given a number of webinars and other presentations to clients and professional organizations on research and development tax credits, cost segregation, and fixed asset planning. I’m a member of the AICPA, and I have a B.A. in business administration with an emphasis in accounting from Concordia University (Irvine).

In my free time, I can usually be found at one of my children’s sporting events, be it soccer, cross-country, or archery. I’m also a car guy at heart; I’ve always enjoyed working on and restoring cars.