Family Office Structure

Our Expertise

In choosing a Family Office structure, our experts understand that each family is unique. There are four Family Office structures: Single Family, Multi-Family, Virtual Family, and Hybrid Family (combination of the other three).

In choosing a Family office structure, we assemble a team of Family Office experts from among our 120 dedicated Family Office professionals. These specialists will help design a customized family office solution considering “build in-house” or “outsource” for specific functions. Common family office functions include accounting, bill pay, taxes, cash monitoring, investments and reporting, financial planning, gift and estate taxes, due diligence and deal structure, private foundation, real estate, governance, HR, communications, education, and risk prevention (cyber, theft, fraud, personal security, internal control, insurance, and disaster recovery).

Ultimately your Family Office structure should support your family mission and core family values. 

Client Experience

Our Team

Our Family Office experts consult on Family Office structure and operational issues following the sale of a business, significant asset, or when significant wealth has accumulated outside of the capital structure of the family business.