Transitioning to value-based care

Understanding value-based healthcare

Better for patients. Better for providers. Better for organizations.

Achieving success in value-based care is complex. Properly implementing a value-based care model requires total commitment across your organization, from the C-suite to the provider offices. This is because value-based care fundamentally shifts the focus away from volume and toward value. 

The value-based model

Value-based care focuses on chronic condition prevention and management, with payment made on the expected cost of care. Operational changes must support these elements to provide the best care while also ensuring appropriate reimbursement and risk capture in value-based arrangements.

Using advanced data analytics, as well as the experience and expertise of our team — many of whom are former healthcare leaders and clinicians — we’ll help your organization implement a holistic, value-based care model. And we won’t just provide you with the necessary insights — we’ll work shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure the benefits are fully realized. Our experts can help you establish a safe and optimized patient-centered environment and thrive in the value-based care world.

If you’re ready for a conversation, let’s talk, or explore our insights to start your value-based care journey the right way.

Value-based care is a benefit for all

By making the transition to a value-based model, you’re eliminating the battlefield approach — treating only the problems at hand — and opting for a more proactive and productive solution. Simply put, value-based care is better for all. Better for patients through access to higher quality care, better opportunities and resources for providers to focus on the complete patient, and better incentives for organizations that provide better care.
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Doctor and healthcare consultant talking about value-based care.
August 24, 2023

Value-based care: 4 tips to manage the switch

Shifting to a value-based care model may be difficult in the short run, but you can expect long-term payoff for patients, providers, and your healthcare organization. Follow these tips for a successful transition.
Article / 4 min read

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