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Inclusion and Diversity

We all belong at Plante Moran. Watch now.
Plante Moran

Here’s what we know:

  • Diversity isn’t just about differences in race, religion, and physical ability. It’s much more and includes a wide variety of attributes.
  • Diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams—every time.
  • It’s possible to be diverse yet not inclusive, but it’s nearly impossible to say, “I’m inclusive but not very diverse.”

That’s why we focus not only on diversity and inclusion but also on equity. Equity is working in open and demonstrative ways to remove bias, acknowledge root causes, and eliminate practices that promote injustice. As part of that effort, we recently hired our first full-time diversity & inclusion leader; we’ve also amped up our onboarding and retention efforts of minorities and women. Why? Because it enables us to enhance the expertise with which we serve our clients, to better reflect the local communities where we live and work, and to continue down a path of continuous learning to develop knowledge, appreciation, and acceptance of those around us.

2020 Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report
Our goal: An inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture for all. Here’s how we’re achieving it.

Our programs

We’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort into creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. Here are just a few of our programs:
  • Shortly after forming the Inclusion and Diversity Council (initially named the Diversity Council), we realized that we needed a way to go from the theoretical to the actual, to walk our talk, so to speak. We needed a vehicle where staff could come together to discuss challenges and concerns in a safe environment with other like-minded PMers. Enter Plante Moran’s Affinity Network, which is composed of Staff Resource Groups (SRGs).

    Our SRGs are designed to help group members with expanding their networks and professional development, along with providing career support. This grass-roots effort is staff-driven, so groups are requested and led by staff versus the firm. We currently have four SRGs: African American, PRIDE, Satellite, and Veterans. Download our Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report to learn more about our SRGs.

  • Created in 2003, Plante Moran’s Inclusion and Diversity Council was established to guide the firm toward long-term success and growth in diversity practices; more specifically, how to increase diverse staff and develop a substantive pipeline to leadership.
  • For the last 25 years, more than 50 percent of accounting major college graduates have been women. Yet when you look at the percentage of female partners at accounting firms, it’s typically less than 20 percent.

    Enter WIL, a program is aimed at increasing the visibility of women leaders internally and externally, providing targeted developmental career opportunities to retain and advance women leaders, and supporting partners in giving high-potential female staff growth and development opportunities.

  • Ever wish that you didn’t have to choose between quality time at work and quality time at home? Enter WorkFlex. Developed to support staff in their ongoing quest for work-life balance, the program has been the catalyst for a number of initiatives, from our business casual dress policy, to a host of alternative working arrangements, to a “buddy” program to support new parents — all in the name of helping staff find their balance.

Our thoughts on inclusion and diversity

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