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New information fields for Mexican payroll CFDI (electronic invoices) required

December 14, 2016 Blog 1 min read
Alejandro A. Rodriguez
The Mexican Tax Administration Service (“SAT” per its Spanish acronym) recently published new standards for CFDI Payroll information requirements, which will be mandatory for all employers effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The new Payroll CFDI information requirements are as follows:

  • Individual: Must include their CURP (personal identification number)
  • Corporation: Must include their RFC (Federal Taxpayer ID)
  • For companies providing outsourced services: Name or names and RFC of those individuals who contracted the services must be included.  In addition, the amount of time each outsourced employee worked for each customer.
  • State Code (SAT provided): where employees rendered services must be included
  • New field, “Other Payments”: For items that are not income such as per diem expenses, travel expenses, etc., a new field must be added
  • New field, “Disabilities”: To record disability or sick leave a new field must be added
  • New Field, “Payroll Type”: To record whether the payments are regular salary payments or extraordinary payments (such as bonuses)
  • New Field “Type of Contract”: To specify the type of contractual relationship between the company and the employee
  • Information regarding termination, indemnification, retirement, or pension payments must be reported.

It is key to assess that your systems are updated to record this information in order to supply this information to the SAT. Also, it is important to note that the failure to comply with these requirements will bring about fines and penalties as well as the inability to deduct certain payroll outsourced services expenses for tax purposes.

Contact the Plante Moran international consulting team for additional details. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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