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Financial Institutions Advisor: Insights for 2022 and beyond

January 31, 2022 White Paper 20 min read
From new standards and regulations to increasingly sophisticated technologies and evolving cybercrime, financial institutions face greater risk than ever before. Download our 2022 Financial Institutions Advisor for insights to help you identify disruptors and successfully navigate risks.
View of an empty conference room with a sunset in the background.With the economy stabilizing, financial institutions emerged from 2021 with positive outlooks and strong profitability. Despite the upward traction, the pandemic continues to pose significant risk in the financial system. Over the next 12–18 months, institutions need to remain alert to the impact of additional factors and their associated risks, including the expiration of assistance programs, inflation and monetary tightening, disruptors in the fintech space, and increasingly stringent regulations.

Download our 2022 Financial Institutions Advisor now. Our team of experts have identified five key areas of focus for the year and provide strategic insights and guidance to help you identify disruptors and successfully navigate risks by:

  • Strengthening your cybersecurity environment to defend against increasing cyberthreats.
  • Executing best practices for CECL implementation and ongoing monitoring beyond implementation.
  • Adopting effective credit risk monitoring strategies to identify loans with increased risk.
  • Understanding regulatory guidance on conducting due diligence on fintech companies.
  • Developing a roadmap to adopt FDICIA requirements for assets nearing $500 million or $1 billion thresholds.

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