Inflation and recession outlook

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The important questions aren’t “if,” “when,” or “how long,” recession and inflation risks will be present, but rather, “How adaptable is my strategy?” and “Can I weather sustained inflation no matter the circumstances?” Even as these risks fluctuate, those looking to succeed through uncertainty must build a balanced, measured plan of action — and stay the course. Have you assessed your personal or organizational financial strength? How well are you managing liquidity? Are your operations flexible enough to pivot and brace against supply chain challenges? What negotiating leverage do you have with your customers to pass on inflationary costs?

You can’t predict what’s next, but we know that an informed strategy can help you curb both known and unknown risks and seize opportunities created by disruption. To come out on top, you need to see through speculation, manage risk, and define your strategy. Read more to see how we can help.

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November 10, 2022

Fighting inflation? Strategies to justify cost recovery

Labor, raw material, logistics, and utilities costs have skyrocketed. Cost and margin data are manufacturers’ superpower for justifying cost recovery while protecting invaluable customer relationships. We share four areas to focus on.
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