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A focus on the future: ESG in the workplace

November 14, 2022 Video 2 min watch
Laurie Hoose
As stakeholders increasingly request ESG reports, what can leaders do to make sure their firms live up to the heightened expectations for environmental, social, and governance disclosures? AI expert Dr. Ayesha Khanna shares on ESG, remote work, culture, and more.

Expectations among key stakeholder groups — investors, customers and constituents, and even potential talent — are driving the need for significant change and transparency. The growing focus on ethical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are changing the way organizations do business for the better but requires leaders to stay future-focused and vigilant. Critical starting points to your organization’s ESG journey include prioritizing flexibility and work-from-home options, better protection of sensitive data, and relying on technology to help mitigate environmental impact.

Forward-thinking leaders will learn from this Q&A session with AI expert Dr. Ayesha Khanna and Plante Moran ESG leader Laurie Hoose. Laurie and Dr. Khanna discuss what new technologies and a changing business landscape will mean for you — everything from sustainability and cybersecurity to DEI. Tune in for an inspiring and eye-opening conversation.

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