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Sandor Jacobson and Sean Pattison to co-lead our restructuring & transformation practice

July 1, 2022 Press Release 1 min read
Sandor Jacobson Sean Pattison
True to its name, our restructuring and transformation practice is undergoing its own transformation. After leading the practice for more than 30 years, Partner Tim Weed has announced his retirement. Sandor Jacobson and Sean Pattison will co-lead the practice.
Sandor Jacobson and Sean Pattison to co-lead our restructuring & transformation practiceWe’re pleased to announce that, effective today, Sandor Jacobson and Sean Pattison have become co-leaders of our restructuring and transformation practice, assuming leadership from Tim Weed, who’s retiring from the firm after an impressive 36-year career.

Tim has mentored and been working with Sandor and Sean on this exciting transition for the past two years. “Sandor and Sean are both tremendous leaders with deep expertise in helping clients solve their most challenging and difficult problems and getting them back to profitability,” says Tim. “I’m confident the practice will continue to grow under their leadership and provide unparalleled expertise to our clients.”

Sandor and Sean will focus on continuing to grow the practice, including serving our clients, expanding into new geographies, and mentoring and developing our growing staff. Sandor will lead the Chicagoland and manufacturing portion of the practice, while Sean will lead the Michigan, Ohio, and automotive/mobility portion of the practice. They’ll also oversee our growing presence in additional verticals such as healthcare and other commercial market segments.

Tim is known for energizing his team and collaborating with them on solutions to improve their clients’ outcomes. In addition to building and growing the restructuring and transformation practice, Tim served in myriad other leadership capacities, including serving on the manufacturing and distribution leadership team, the management consulting leadership team, and as a key leader on the strategy and operations practice.

We congratulate Sandor and Sean on their new roles and thank Tim for his guidance and expertise in building our restructuring and transformation practice into what it is today.

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