Headshot of Kyle Sutton.

My goal is to visit all 30 Major League Ballparks. I’ve made it to 13 so far, plus 11 other minor league parks in Florida, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.
Kyle Sutton
Senior Manager, CPA, CFE


My life motto is “Make life easier for others.” Unfortunately, when a client experiences a fraud or is going through litigation, it’s never easy. As a senior manager on our forensic accounting team, I help clients across all industries navigate those challenging situations. This looks a little different for every client, but often involves performing data analytics, interviewing relevant personnel, analyzing documentation, performing background research online, quantifying losses/damages, and presenting findings in a concise manner.

Additionally, I strengthen clients’ ability to protect their organizations before something happens; I perform “fraud checkups,” where I proactively test for fraud and internal control gaps, and I provide educational workshops, where I empower clients’ employees to prevent and detect fraud in their own organizations.

I’m a member of the AICPA, MICPA, and ACFE. I earned my B.A. in accounting from Hope College. In the Financial Modeling World Cup’s 2023 Excel World Championships, I placed 10th in the qualifying round and advanced to the Top 64 round before elimination.

On a day off, you’ll catch me either going big or going home. If I’m not spending time at home with my wife and two large, energetic Labradors, I’m probably exploring a new city overseas, skiing Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, swimming in northern Michigan, or visiting friends and family throughout the country.