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COVID-19: Adapt faster, emerge stronger. Access our resource center.

COVID-19: Adapt faster, emerge stronger. Access our resource center.

COVID-19: Adapt faster, emerge stronger. Access our resource center.

A safeguard against the unknown

What are your top challenges? Reducing your tax bill? Managing risk? Technology and talent gaps? Whatever it is, we know your pain points — and we have solutions to overcome them.

Our team has decades of experience working exclusively with insurance companies just like you. Where other firms have generalists, we have specialists. In fact, A.M. Best ranks Plante Moran as one of the top professional service providers for insurance companies nationwide. Our team of nearly 100 dedicated insurance industry professionals serves hundreds of clients across the United States. With more than 40 years of serving insurance clients, we’ve worked with organizations that serve health, dental, property, casualty, warranty, and life insurance products. You’ll find we don’t just know the issues you face; we’ve analyzed them and understand their impact on your business.


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  • Paycheck Protection Program: Understanding the loan forgiveness application

    Applying for loan forgiveness for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has left borrowers with questions. During this webinar, our experts will discuss what borrowers need to know, including relevant time periods, necessary payroll information, and allowable nonpayroll costs for forgiveness. 

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Insurance Services Thought Leadership

  • Insurance company technology advances may qualify for R&D tax credit

    Insurance companies are committing significant research and development (R&D) resources to improve their services and the technology that connects them to agents, partners, and clients. These expenditures may qualify for significant savings under the R&D tax credit.

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  • Nonqualified retirement plan benefits could trigger excise tax for nonprofits

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  • Optimizing tax accounting methods in challenging times

    Accounting methods are a valuable — but often overlooked — tool for managing tax cash flow, which is even more valuable during times of economic uncertainty. View our on-demand webinar to make sure you’re optimizing your accounting methods.

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    Webinar August 5, 2020 60 min watch
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  • NAIC INT 20-08 revisions: Limited-time exception and enhanced disclosures for COVID-19

    INT 20-08 provides insurance carriers a limited-time exception — and requires enhanced disclosures — for discretionary payments to policyholders for COVID-19-specific issues. Here’s what you should know about the updated guidance.

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Our clients say

PM’s knowledge and expertise has been a significant benefit to us. The team has helped us manage risk and knows exactly how new audit standards will affect both the insurance industry overall and our individual organization. Our transition to working with Plante Moran was as close to seamless as you can get. Everyone was competent and committed to our success, evidenced by their responsive, helpful answers to a variety of questions related to our business. The audit and tax teams communicate openly with each other and us, which creates efficiencies for my team. I've been impressed by the extent to which our team has engaged with our audit committee. The relationship they've built has increased confidence in the audit and results, and has set them apart from other professionals we've worked with.”

Mark Anderson Chief Financial Officer, Delta Dental of Arizona

The right relationships can mitigate risk

Are you on the forefront of change in the industry? Do you have the resources to adapt smoothly and quickly? If not, don’t panic.

When you enlist the help of our trusted insurance industry specialists, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our professionals stay current in the industry through involvement in IASA, including serving on the board of directors, both nationally and at the chapter level. These key relationships mean we’re one of the first to know what’s new, what’s different, and how it affects you.

In the words of Practice Leader Kevin Krause, “Our technical know-how combined with our personal touch means we give our clients focused attention. Not only will you feel listened to and valued, but you’ll also feel informed and armed with the resources to mitigate risk, balance cost and value, and make the best decisions for your clients and customers.”