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Plante Moran

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Strategies that work, no matter what's next. Learn more now.

Outperform the competition

What’s your strategy for profitability, growth, and sustainability? Do you have a plan to stand out from the competition?

Our national practice — serving more than 180 franchise clients — is dedicated to the unique nature of franchise operations. From food and beverage, health and beauty, and retail, to business services, education, or restaurants and lodging, we’ve seen it all. We help franchise clients like you improve financial performance, optimize profits, and enhance operations. Whether you’re a growing franchisee or mature franchisor, we advise on the best financial practices for your businesses. One of our assets? Partners who’ve achieved the highest standards of quality training and education available — the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation.

We belong to the International Franchise Association, Franchise Business Networks, National Restaurant Association, Capital Roundtable Association, Association of Capital Growth, and the Small Business Investor Alliance. Furthermore, we’ve been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top suppliers for franchises. We’ll leverage our hands-on industry experience into recommendations and insights that will help you soar past the competition. Start transforming your organization today.


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Our clients say

For most franchisees, their business income will be filtered through to their personal balance sheets. In other words, the sustainability of their businesses and the security of their families are very closely connected. That is why we emphasize the need for a good business advisor and an experienced wealth manager. For an efficient and effective integrated approach, we share our personal example. The specialists at Plante Moran have gained our trust. They do our business audits and estate and personal tax planning.

Melanie Bergeron Chair, Two Men and a Truck International, Inc.

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Midwest manufacturer uses data analytics to gain customer insights
A manufacturer with both consumer and professional customer segments, served through a direct sales model.
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PCI DSS compliance and testing
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We speak your language

We offer you a dynamic team that’s at the forefront of legal and regulatory issues, reporting requirements, and compliance. And, because we serve more than 150 franchise and multi-unit clients, we have the breadth of expertise to analyze trends, forecast industry developments, and provide insights that will transform your operations.

This philosophy is the cornerstone of our future-focused lens. Lisa Manetta, consumer goods and services practice leader says, “I love when we bring a new client on, and we get to experience our team through their eyes. They see quickly that we not only understand and offer recommendations for their pressing day-to-day challenges, but we also offer our vision for how they can thrive 10, 20, and 30 years down the road.”

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