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Merger & Acquisition Integration

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Capitalize on market uncertainty, and accelerate value creation.

Capitalize on market uncertainty, and accelerate value creation.

Capitalize on market uncertainty, and accelerate value creation.

Achieving the synergies and economies of scale with your acquisition while avoiding the unforeseen risks that can unravel integration activities can be challenging. Our experienced team can assist in a number of ways, from overall planning and program management to work stream leadership and subject matter expertise that augments your resources — all so you can meet your integration, and ultimately growth, objectives.

Our professionals have dedicated their careers to serving M&A clients and bring deep expertise in a range of industries. You can rely on us to formulate an integration plan with the tactics necessary not only to execute but also to optimize your deal. We help you minimize the risks and smooth the transition so you can meet your integration goals.

Private equity tackles value creation

Driving private equity value image
8 min read
Improving liquidity in the era of COVID-19 and beyond

Concerned your company doesn’t have enough cash to weather the COVID-19 storm? Improve your liquidity, and set your organization up for a strong recovery by improving your customer management, inventory management, and vendor management. Find out how.

Joanne Baginski
Article June 11, 2020 8 min read

Seven value creation strategies for private equity
Tactics to maximize value during the holding period

Private equity industry trends in focus

Private Equity trends image of road in tunnel
4 min watch
Frazier Healthcare Partners capitalizes on the transforming healthcare investment market
The complex healthcare market continues to evolve, providing prime investment opportunities for seasoned private equity investors. Watch as we chat with Frazier Healthcare Partners about capitalizing during the industry’s transformation.
Duane J. Fitch
Video December 4, 2018 4 min watch

Five key strategies to unlock maximum value for exit planning
Tactics to mitigate surprises, accelerate closing, and ensure maximum return during the exit stage

Private equity exit planning strategies

Stairway with an escalator next to it.
60 min watch
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and Wayfair decision: Their impacts on private equity
Wondering what impacts the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has on private equity funds? Need more information on the impacts and opportunities created by the Wayfair decision regarding your portfolio companies? View our on-demand webinar, presented in partnership with ACG Global, to learn more.
Jeremy Sikkema
Webinar January 23, 2020 60 min watch
Private equity exit planning: Five key strategies to unlock maximum value
Michele E. McHale
White Paper February 6, 2019 15 min read
New private equity valuation requirements in 2019: Three things you should know
David Howell
Webinar Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 60 min watch
Seven steps to getting the sale price that you want when exiting
Joanne Baginski
Article June 8, 2017 1 min read

Merger Integration Thought Leadership

  • COVID-19 is shaping M&A: Here’s what private equity needs to know
    The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed private equity deals, but adaptable buyers and sellers are still transacting. Add-ons and strategic acquisitions are driving the buy side, and good, quality targets are in high demand. Our experts break down deal trends and considerations to reduce risk and get ahead.
    Michele E. McHale Eric Wozniak Joe Wagner
    Article September 9, 2020 10 min read
    Woman wearing a mask while sitting at her desk, typing on her cellphone
  • Supporting portfolio companies in unprecedented times

    Watch Plante Moran Partner Ted Morgan and other industry experts share their insights on how to best support your private equity portfolio companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Ted Morgan
    Webinar September 4, 2020 45 min watch
    Man and woman sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor.
  • Preparing your business for a sale: Five tips to get it right

    You’ve worked hard to build a successful business and you’re proud of where it’s at today, but you’re thinking about moving on. Here are five tips to sell at the best price and terms.

    Joe Wagner Emily Murphy
    Article September 4, 2020 6 min read
    Middle aged man sitting in a chair on his deck.
  • COVID-19’s impact on healthcare investing: Virtual panel
    View our on-demand virtual panel discussion for insights from private equity professionals and Plante Moran expert Jerry Luebbers on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted private equity investment in healthcare.
    Jerry Luebbers
    Webinar August 27, 2020 1 min read
    Woman sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop

Our Clients Say

We recently engaged the team at Plante Moran to assist us with our Pre and Post Acquisition Integration activities.  BioScrip had previously executed a number of acquisitions, but our Board of Directors wanted to leverage additional resources and integration expertise to accelerate the expected synergies and impact to be realized through the integration.  We engaged the team at Plante Moran and simply said - Plante Moran was an outstanding partner for us and our team.  They were pragmatic in approach, candid with feedback and ultimately both challenging and supportive to the Board of Directors, Executive Management, and Management team level.  The combination of overarching expertise in Project Management, Change Management, and Communication combined with technical expertise in finance, human resources, information technology, supply chain and operations enabled the Plante Moran team to contribute across the many dimensions of a complex and strategically critical acquisition integration.  Plante Moran demonstrated a knack to integrate the two organizations by neutralizing the dynamics of uncertainty in an integration and quickly align and focus the combined team on a common mission.   The results have surpassed prior acquisition results and our expectations.  Plante Moran has and will continue to be a strategic partner to our organization.

Dan Greenleaf Former President and Chief Executive Officer, BioScrip

business woman walking with briefcase
2 min read
Global expansion for Japanese-owned medical device company
Japan’s leading manufacturer of electronic medical equipment and one of the top 100 medical device companies in the world, with annual sales of $1.5 billion, expands their global presence.
Case Study October 3, 2017 2 min read
Image of people meeting
1 min read
Facility operations compliance assessment
Expanding medical device supplier avoids FDA penalty while preventing facility closure.
Case Study June 23, 2016 1 min read

Our Team

We have extensive M&A integration experience with clients large and small. We understand the perspectives of both the investor and target, and we work collaboratively with all parties to implement proven, practical solutions that work in the challenging, fast-based M&A environment.

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