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Vicki VanDenBerg Steven Bishop Sadie Mayle Josh Louge
June 9, 2021

Join us for an on-demand update on federal grants compliance for higher education. We’ll summarize key information about COVID-19-related funding programs, audit testing requirements, and the changes made to the compliance environment for higher education.

Business professional in a home office working from a laptop computer.Join us for an update on federal grants compliance and the overall federal compliance environment relating to higher education. In this session, we’ll discuss the effects of COVID-19 funding on higher education institutions since March 2020, highlight common issues for higher education single audits, recap the impact of the 2020 Compliance Supplement and 2020 Compliance Supplement Addendum, as well as discuss potential changes expected to the upcoming 2021 Compliance Supplement. 

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Summarize key facts about CARES Act and other COVID-19-related funding programs. 
  • Explain the changes made to the compliance supplement in the last year.   
  • Recognize the audit testing requirements of common COVID-19-related funding programs. 
  • Describe changes to federal compliance environment as it relates to higher education.